Wisconsin crash statistics

The Division of State Patrol's Bureau of Transportation Safety (BOTS) maintains a database of traffic crash records and provides analysis of crash facts for local governments and safety stakeholders.

Dynamic, up-to-date data, though preliminary, can be accessed on the Community Maps site. Read more about the available services below.

BOTS also produces annual reports and fact sheets to illustrate the factors involved in traffic crashes.

BOTS collaborates with the UW Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory (UW TOPS Lab) to maintain Community Maps. This tool was designed to assist local communities in understanding the driver behaviors in their communities.

Community Maps is an interactive, statewide map of all police reported traffic motor vehicle crashes from 2010 to the current year. Fatal crashes are included from 2001. Crashes are updated on a nightly basis using geo-coded locations from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation DT4000 police crash report.

Traffic Safety Commissions

Community Maps also maintains resources for the state's Traffic Safety Commissions (TSCs). Each county must host quarterly TSC meetings to discuss the fatal/injury crashes and traffic safety issues in their county. The TSC members are from multiple areas of expertise, including law enforcement, public health and engineering. The groups come together to focus on the four Es of traffic safety: Enforcement, Education, Engineering, and Emergency Medical Services.

More information about the TSCs, including meeting dates, crash data, and resources, can be found on the TSC tab of the Community Maps website and in the TSC guidelines document.

The Wisconsin Traffic Crash Facts reports provide statewide information on the human consequences of traffic crashes, including details on the number and type of crashes, type of vehicles involved in crashes, severity of injuries, and information about the drivers involved.

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