Division of Transportation System Development

The Division of Transportation System Development (DTSD) oversees development, maintenance and operations functions related to the state highway system.


The division manages two basic areas:

  • Statewide Bureaus
  • Regional Operations

The division provides uniform direction in planning, design and construction phases of project delivery to best ensure safe, efficient state and interstate highways. DTSD also provides leadership in the protection of public interests and resources through public and local interactions.

Through the DTSD Innovation Initiative, the division concentrates on process improvements in technology, operations and project delivery. The division administration also tracks performance metrics and efficiencies.

Statewide bureaus

These statewide bureaus advise the regional offices as well as other divisions regarding engineering, economic, environmental, and social standards and practices. They also monitor the quality and efficiency of the department's various programs and assure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations.

Regional offices

The five regions manage the operation and development of state highways and participate in the development, management, and implementation of local road and non-highway transportation projects. They also maintain working relationships with local units of government, represent the department in local and regional planning efforts, and represent local and regional needs in departmental processes.

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