Aviation education

The Bureau of Aeronautics is pleased to offer the following resources to support youth and adult aviation education.


K-12 educational programs & resources

​The Bureau of Aeronautics is able to mail a limited supply of materials to educators and community groups hosting an aviation education event. You may request from the Bureau past year’s aeronautical charts and pilot directories, as well as aviation coloring pages and historical connect-the-dots. In addition, the Bureau periodically receives small giveaway items that may be used with games or as prizes in aviation events.

To request any of the above items, please contact Olivia Conklin, Aviation Education Program Manager, olivia.conklin1@dot.wi.gov three or more weeks in advance.

Additional opportunities

Interested in partnering with the Bureau of Aeronautics and educators to include aviation in your classroom or other educational setting? ​Email Olivia Conklin, Aviation Education Program Manager, olivia.conklin1@dot.wi.gov​to learn more.

Aviation career paths

Imagine yourself as a....

Learn more about careers in aviation by visiting the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Aviation Careers webpage.

Read all about the Bureau of Labor Statistics projections for the air transportation industry.

Education seminars for aviation professionals