Governor's Freight Industry Summit

The Governor’s Freight Industry Summit, established in 2011, assembles representatives from the public and private sectors who share a common interest in the state’s economically vital freight industry.

2018 Governor's Freight Industry Summit

The Sixth Governor's Freight Industry Summit, held in Madison on October 9, 2018, focused on the critical role that local roads play in the freight transportation chain.

Three different panels, comprised of representatives from the private and public sectors, discussed ways to protect and invest in local transportation systems. Panel topics included:

  • Strengthening Local Transportation Systems
  • Infrastructure Protection
  • Funding Strategies

2016 Governor's Freight Industry Summit

The Fifth Governor's Freight Industry Summit, sponsored by WisDOT and the Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin, was held in Rothschild on October 13, 2016. Attendees provided input on the draft Wisconsin State Freight Plan and a panel provided an overview on existing and emerging technologies influencing multimodal freight activity.​​


Sarah Simonson
Freight Program Officer​
Bureau of Planning and Economic Development
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