Wisconsin Scenic Byways program

The Scenic Byways program is a cooperative effort between local communities and WisDOT to identify and promote state and local highway corridors with scenic and/or histo​rical attributes that provide travelers an enjoyable visual, educational and recreational experience.

1999 Wisconsin Act 9 directed the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) to develop and administer a state scenic byways program. 

Currently, there are five state designated scenic byways:

​A Scenic Byways ArcGIS Online (AGO) StoryMap​ has been cre​ated that includes an interactive map and photos for each of the state's five byways.​

The Scenic Byways program is similar but separate from WisDOT’s Rustic Roads program. Typically, Rustic Roads are lightly-traveled town or county roads that offer bikers, hikers and other travelers a leisurely opportunity to see native terrain and wildlife in a rural setting.​​

In contrast, a scenic byway is a non-interstate highway route, at least 30 miles long, that offers travelers numerous scenic and/or historical attributes whose promotion can serve to boost a region’s attractiveness as a tourist destination.​​