Bicycle projects and studies

Studies and guides

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Wisconsin Bicycle Planning Guidance
This document provides guidelines for Metropolitan Planning Organizations and communities in planning and developing bicycle facilities.

Wisconsin Bicycle Facility Design Handbook - For your convenience, the Handbook is also available in six sections. This on-line version contains a number of slight changes and additions made since the print version was made available in 2004.

Wisconsin Rural Bicycle Planning Guide

Wisconsin Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail Use Study (2005)

Bicycle Crash Analysis for Wisconsin Using a Crash Typing Tool (PBCAT) and Geographic Information System (GIS)

The Economic Impact of Bicycling in Wisconsin


Complete Streets

Complete Streets are roadways designed and operated to enable safe, convenient, and comfortable access and travel for all users. Pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and public transport users of all ages and abilities are able to safely and comfortably move along and across a complete street.

Closures or detours