Wisconsin hosts annual gathering of transportation professionals from around the world

Release date: September 28, 2023

Madison took center stage in the world of highway safety this week as Wisconsin hosted more than 1,000 members from motor vehicle and law enforcement agencies worldwide. The annual conference of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) is a unique educational and networking opportunity to share the latest innovations and best practices in motor vehicle safety and services. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and AAMVA co-hosted the event.

Monona Terrace was the site of engaging presentations by subject matter experts and productive discussions about current issues and solutions for topics such as electronic vehicle records management, mobile driver licensing and law enforcement security measures for large-scale events.

“The AAMVA International Conference is an opportunity for government, law enforcement and business solutions to come together to exchange ideas, learn about future innovations, and discuss opportunities to collaborate on consistent priorities. It is exciting to be surrounded by a community of people focused on improved public service,” said AAMVA Chair and Wisconsin Department of Transportation Deputy Secretary Kristina Boardman.

Wisconsin DMV is a national leader in pioneering innovations in motor vehicle services. It became the first DMV, nationwide, to implement state-to-state verification and the first state to implement the automated exchange of electronic driver history records. Now, Wisconsin offers real-time exchange of information with other states to help make important licensing decisions and help improve highway safety. It also improves the accuracy of driver data and DMV efficiency. DMV customers will recognize it as a convenience and helpful tool to detect fraud, which further enhances the integrity of Wisconsin’s credentials.

This year’s conference marked a transition in leadership for the association at the board and staff level, and also showcased the progress of the AAMVA community’s adoption of new and evolving technology.

In addition to hosting association members, this conference welcomed and connected related industries. A first-ever joint session with the National Association of Motor Vehicle Boards and commissions addressed the challenges and mutual opportunities to improve methods for management and regulation of vehicle dealers.

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