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  • Please note: The start of the 2020 UCR registration period is delayed until further notice. See the announcement here for further information.              

  • Please note: If your carrier operations take you into Canada, please be aware that there is a new fuel charge impacting carriers operating in certain Canadian provinces. The Canadian government has introduced this fuel charge as part of their Greenhouse Gas Pollution Act which is administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). View this informational handout for more information and how to register. Failure to register could result in substantial penalties. Please also be aware that these new charges and filings are in addition to your Wisconsin IFTA quarterly filings and not payable through Wisconsin DMV. Wisconsin DMV has no authority over this fuel charge or its requirements for carrier registration.

  • Please note: Counter hours and procedures have changed for the Motor Carrier Registration Unit and the Oversize/Overweight Permit Unit. Learn more about these changes for the Motor Carrier Counter and the Oversize/Overweight Counter. View the informational video to see where to go for counter service and how to navigate the Hill Farms State Office Building.

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Motor carrier forms, publications, and videos

Interstate vehicle credentials (cross state lines)

Intrastate vehicle credentials (operate within Wisconsin only)

Both interstate and intrastate vehicles

Oversize/overweight vehicle permits

Commercial driver license (inter and intra)

Motor carrier enforcement and truck safety

Other publications

Freight movement (road, rail, water or sky)

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