Lemon Law

Lemon Law Basics

For complete information on the Wisconsin Lemon Law, please review the program information:

What qualifies as a “lemon”?

Your vehicle may qualify as a “lemon” if all the following are true:

  • You bought or leased a new vehicle
  • The vehicle is a car, truck, motorcycle, or motor home
  • The vehicle developed a defect or defects (a nonconformity) during its first year and before the warranty expired
  • The defect seriously harms the vehicle’s use, value, or safety
  • One of the following happened during the vehicle’s first year and before the warranty expired:
    • The dealer failed 4 times to fix the same nonconformity
    • The vehicle was unable to be operated (“out of service”) for 30 days or more due to defects

What does not qualify as a “lemon"?

  • Mopeds, semitrailers, or trailers designed for use in combination with a truck or truck tractor are not covered by the Wisconsin Lemon Law.
  • Vehicles purchased outside the state of Wisconsin or purchased online and delivered outside Wisconsin
    • If the vehicle was purchased in another state, contact that state’s transportation department to determine what your rights might be under law
  • Used vehicles are not considered “lemons”. If you have issues with a used vehicle purchased from a Wisconsin dealer, you may want to file a dealer complaint.