School bus driver (S endorsement) license information

​How to become a school bus driver:

Interactive driver licensing guide – use this helpful tool to get a checklist of requirements to help you become a school bus driver. This application will also allow you to pre-fill any required application(s) before visiting a DMV Customer Service Center and, depending of your eligibility, you may even be able to submit your application(s) electronically and schedule an appointment with the DMV for expedited service.

Requirements for school bus drivers (“S” endorsements):

School bus forms and publications:

  • Wisconsin Commercial Driver’s Manual​ – includes information about school bus operation
  • MV3030B ​- Physical Examination Report for S or P Endorsement
  • MV3230​ - Tier of Operation form (includes information on how to select the appropriate tier level when selecting or changing tier levels)
  • MV3740​ - School Bus Disqualifications List
  • BDS105 ​- School Bus or Alternative Vehicle info sheet
  • BDS362​School Bus and Federal Medical Certificate - Frequently Asked Questions

Online services for school bus drivers:


​​​Driver Eligibility Unit
Email Wisconsin DMV email service​​​