Special motor vehicle industry plates

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Wisconsin Department of Transportation's (WisDOT) Dealer & Agent Section issues a variety of vehicle registration plates to meet the needs of the motor vehicle industry. These plates expire on December 31st of the year in which they are issued. They include the following:

Demonstrator plates

        New Truck-Tractor design issued 2018

        New Truck design issued 2018

        New Trailer design issued 2018

        Issued before February 2018

Used by licensed dealers, manufacturers, distributors, and holders of trailer dealer plates only. Plates are used on loaded trucks or trailers during intrastate test drives by prospective purchasers. The demonstration period may not exceed ten days. Demonstrator plates are also used by dealers, manufacturers, and distributors operating a vehicle to a prospective buyer for a test drive or when bringing the vehicle back from the test drive. Trailer fee is $10 per year. Truck or truck tractor fees are based on weight and prorated throughout the years. Learn more...

Finance plates

        New design issued 2018

        Issued before February 2018

Used by financial institutions and licensed sales finance companies to move and demonstrate vehicles they repossess. Finance plates cost $75 for first plate, and $5 for each additional plate. Learn more...

Trailer dealer plates

        New design issued 2018

        Issued before February 2018

Used by trailer dealers to move empty trailers owned by dealers, distributors or manufacturers of trailers and semitrailers. Trailer dealer plates cost $75 for first two plates and $5 for each additional plate. Note: Holders of trailer dealer plates qualify for the demonstrator plate (see above), which can be used on a loaded trailer during a prospective purchaser’s test drive. Learn more...

Transporter plates

         New design issued 2018

        Issued before February 2018

Used by:

  • Businesses that move vehicles in tow on their own wheels or under their own power between manufacturers, distributors and dealers. Note: The requirement that vehicles move in tow on their own wheels or under their own power does not apply to trailers, semitrailers or truck tractors.
  • Final stage manufacturers or convertors who transport vehicles they do not own on which they performed manufacturing or conversion operations, incidental to the manufacturing process.

The plates are used for moving these vehicles between the plate owner’s place of business and dealers, manufacturers, distributors, or (in the case of converted vehicles) vehicle purchasers. Vehicle detailers and repair facilities do not qualify for transporter plates. Transporter plates cost $75 for the first two plates and $5 for each additional plate. Learn more...


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