MAPSS Performance Improvement Program

MAPSS Performance Improvement

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation MAPSS Performance Improvement Program focuses on the five core goals and associated performance measures that guide us in achieving our mission "to provide leadership in the development and operation of a safe and efficient transportation system." Establishing goals and measuring results is essential to running a successful and efficient organization and meeting public expectations. The department is committed to quarterly reporting of progress, with updates published in February, May, August and November. The schedule for review and reporting on individual measures is based on pertinent program cycles, the availability of data and the department’s business need for the information.

Core goal areas and MAPSS Scorecard measures

Performance measures are a tool to help the department assess how well it's doing at meeting our mission. The Scorecard provides a snapshot of the state of Wisconsin’s transportation system. Interactive web pages provide a way for the public to "drill down" into more detail. Click on a core goal area to explore each core goal area and related Scorecard measures.

The five key goals are:

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Featured document

Travel Time Reliability and Delay Report - Fall 2015

This report features the latest data for two MAPSS Mobility measures and shows the effects of traffic congestion on travel times, as well as the annual costs to travelers.

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