Erosion control

Transportation Construction General Permit (TCGP)

Transportation Construction General Permit (TCGP) 01-03-2019

Transportation construction general permit (TCGP) guidance 4-25-2019

Transfer of coverage form (DNR form 3500-125)04/30/2018

Delegation of Signature Authority Form (DNR form 3400-220) 4-25-2019

DNR water permits site 


See forms and tools page for factor sheets and guidance

WisDOT Erosion Control Order form DT1074   3-2-2020

WisDOT Construction Erosion and Sediment Inspection form DT1072 3-2-2020

WisDOT ECIP 1073 Erosion Control Implementation Plan (ECIP)  DT107312/9/2019


Concrete truck washout BMP guidance1/17/2020

Erosion control training 6/22/2020

Erosion Control Inspections 6/22/2020

Water Diversion 6/22/2020

Construction Recordkeeping 6/22/2020

Dewatering 6/22/2020

ECIP 101 6/22/2020

Please note additional erosion control training is available in the WisDOT learn Center for Staff  or the

WisDOT Learn center for Consultants and contractors.   There is additional information on the learn center for consultants, contractors and municipalities.    

Erosion control 

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