Signals and ITS Standalone Program (SISP)

​The Signals and ITS Standalone Program (SISP) funds traffic signals and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) projects not incidental to other highway improvement projects.

The SISP funds are available for standalone projects with greater than 50% cost associated with traffic signal or ITS hardware and construction. All state (including Interstate) and connecting highways are eligible for program funds. Statewide or State maintained facility projects are eligible for full program funds. Those projects on connecting highways are eligible for 90% program funds with a 10% cost sharing component from the maintaining agency.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is currently accepting completed SISP applications. The Signals and ITS Standalone Program applications are evaluated and awarded on an annual cycle. Project applications are considered in the fall prior to the disbursement of funds at the beginning of the following fiscal year which begins July 1. Applications are due the beginning of October for the new fiscal year program. Applications should be submitted to the appropriate WisDOT Regional ITS Engineer. ITS Engineers are also available to help answer any questions local public agencies have about the SISP or the application process. The SISP project application form is available for download below.

Application materials

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ITS Engineers

North Central Region
Lindsey Heineck
(715) 421-7300

Northeast Region
Randy Asman
(920) 360-3107

Northwest Region
Jennifer Berg
(715) 836-2853

Southwest Region
Kyle Hemp
(608) 246-5367

Southeast Region
Stephanie Sward
(262) 548-8707

Bureau of Transportation Operations
Mark Lloyd
(414) 224-1947