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Bureau of Structures Cost Estimate Tool 2023 (current a​s of 5/16/2023)

This document identifies the recommended unit costs for bridge improvement projects based upon the type of activity. Local officials can use this chart to assist in identifying the construction costs, which should be budgeted for when requesting a bridge rehabilitation or replacement project.

Bureau of Structures Optimal Work Recommendations and Eligible Br​idge List, May 2023

This document identifies the optimal work recommended for bridges eligible for funding through the Local Bridge Improvement Assistance Program. Local officials can use this chart to assist in identifying the work that should be included as part of an application requesting a bridge rehabilitation or replacement project

Highway improvement type definitions

This document identifies and describes several types of highway improvement projects, which WisDOT uses to classify all roadway improvement projects regardless of what system they are on. It also provides additional criteria and examples to ensure projects are properly classified, describes the design timeline, which should be allowed and references the geometric design standards, which must be applied to each project. Local officials should familiarize themselves with these descriptions to help scope, schedule and budget their improvement projects.

Controlling item cost estimate worksheets

These documents provides an alternative method of calculating construction costs for a local bridge project or a roadway improvement project. On every bridge and roadway project there are certain bid items that comprise the majority of total construction costs, these are called "controlling cost items." These worksheets will assist local officials on identifying those controlling cost bid items and organizing them in a manner to develop a detailed total cost estimate for your bridge or roadway improvement project.

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