Compass advisory team

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This team works closely with the program manager to guide and create a successful program. Its members use their knowledge of WisDOT, its stakeholders, and their environment to:

  • Make decisions about specific elements of the program.
  • Analyze the program's stakeholders, opportunities and challenges.
  • Make strategic program recommendations.

Meeting notes 


Name Organization and Position Email Phone Number
John BangartMarathon County Patrol Superintendent 261-1815
Scott BushWisDOT Compass Program Manager (608) 266-8666
Brandon DammannWood County
Patrol Superintendent (715) 424-7402
Kevin GarriganWisDOT NC Region Roadway Maintenance Engineer (715) 421-8386
Jeff GustWisDOT State Highways (608) 264-7263
Bob Hanifl WisDOT SW Region Maintenance Project Engineer (608) 785-9361
Jeff Hess
WisDOT NC Region SPO Manager
(715) 365-5730
Todd HoganWisDOT SW Region Maintenance Coordinator 242-8059
Jim HughesWisDOT State Maintenance Engineer 266-1202
Bill McNaryWisDOT State Engineering Section Chief 266-1260
Mike OstrengaWisDOT NW Region
Area Supervisor 392-7945
Doug PassineauWood County Highway Commissioner 421-8875
Iver PetersonWisDOT SW Region Signing and Marking Lead Worker 785-9060
Bob PlatteterBuffalo County Highway Commissioner 685-6226