WIS 59 Pavement Replacement - Waukesha County

Project Location

WIS 59 from Sunset Drive to Arcadian Avenue in Waukesha County.


The purpose and need of the project is to address poor pavement conditions and to include safety improvements at intersections along WIS 59, from Sunset Drive to Arcadian Avenue, in Waukesha County. The existing concrete pavement was constructed in 1988 and is in need of replacement as there are areas of significant joint failure due to varying factors.

The poor pavement riding characteristics and joint failure will be addressed by performing a concrete pavement replacement. Because of this, bike and pedestrian facilities were analyzed and added to the project. On-road bike accommodations will be added for the entire length of the project, and sidewalk will be added in select locations.

Safety improvements at intersections will be addressed by extending turn lanes at the intersections of Sunset Drive, Racine Avenue, and Broadway Street and adding an auxiliary lane from Racine Avenue to Broadway Street and adding a third northbound lane prior to Sunset Drive. Safety improvements at intersections will also be addressed by replacing traffic signals at the Pearl Street and Arcadian Avenue intersections with WIS 59. Traffic signals at Sunset Drive and Racine Avenue intersections with WIS 59 will be updated to the new geometric layout.

Additionally, the project will remove the pedestrian underpass just south of Blackhawk Trail, address substandard guardrail, and address deteriorated inlets, storm sewer, and culverts throughout the project limits.


Construction is tentatively scheduled for 2025.

Traffic Impacts

Traffic control plan consists of constructing WIS 59 one half at a time so the road remains open to traffic, residences, and business at all times. Traffic on WIS 59 will be reduced to a single lane in each direction during construction with the use of a crossover at each end of the project. Constructing the project in halves by crossing traffic over and having one lane in each direction will allow for construction to be done as fast as possible. Traffic control plan will likely include closing of turn lanes for a period of time. Expect traffic delays during construction.



Deb Tarnow, WisDOT Project Manager
(262) 548-6768

Dan Sellers, WisDOT Communications
(262) 548-6702