Midwest Driver Fee Calculator

​How much does it cost in fees and taxes to drive in Wisconsin and neighboring Midwest States? Midwest Driver Fee Calculator logo

This tool will help you calculate the fees that Wisconsin drivers pay each year compared to drivers in other Midwest states. You will need to select a personal motor vehicle most like your vehicle from a list of popular models. Dozens of vehicles are included and we are adding more on a regular basis. The calculator will produce a chart with the total estimated annual fees and taxes. The total amount represents the various taxes and fees, which are used to build and maintain Wisconsin’s roads.

All calculations are estimates based on all known state excise, sales, and environmental taxes and fees levied on gasoline, plus vehicle registration renewal fees as of January 1, 2021. Individual costs will vary based on conditions and driving habits.

Midwest Driver Fee Calculator User Instructions

The first step is selecting a vehicle to compare. To do that there are four drop-down menus at the top of the tool, please use the following order when selecting a vehicle to compare:

  1. Select Vehicle Type from the first drop-down
  2. Select Vehicle Make from the second drop-down
  3. Select Vehicle Model from the third drop-down
  4. Select Model Year from the fourth drop-down

Once a vehicle has been selected, use the three options to select the approximate number of miles the vehicle is driven per year.

Finally, to address potential wheel tax, select the municipality and county you live in from the two drop-down menus. Not every municipality and county have a wheel tax therefore, if you do not see your municipality or county in the drop-down menus, please select “none of the above.”