Active Transportation Plan 2050

​The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is updating its Wisconsin Bicycle Transportation Plan and Wisconsin Pedestrian Policy Plan, which were adopted in 1998 and 2002, and combining them into the Wisconsin Active Transportation Plan 2050. The Active Transportation Plan will be a statewide long-range plan focused on human-powered modes of transportation, such as bicycling and walking. This plan will evaluate the state's active transportation opportunities and needs, resulting in policies and actions that will align with and further Connect 2050, Wisconsin’s statewide long-range transportation plan.

Issues that may be considered in the plan include: a statewide analysis of current biking and walking accommodations, policies, and planning documents; an evaluation of WisDOT’s implementation of federal and state law and policies on accommodating bicyclists and pedestrians as well as other pedestrian and bicycling related statutes; and a review of national active transportation trends and best practices and their applicability to transportation for Wisconsin. An existing conditions analysis may involve an analysis of state bicycle and pedestrian safety data, existing roadway conditions for bicyclists on state and county highways, needs for traditionally underserved populations in transportation (e.g. racial minority populations, low-income populations, persons with disabilities, and households with limited or no vehicle access), the relationship to other statewide and regional active transportation/bike/pedestrian plans, and stakeholder input on active transportation and safety conditions. Based on analyses, plan recommendations may include planning and policy recommendations; active transportation performance measures; safety, design, and maintenance recommendations; and education, outreach, enforcement, and funding recommendations.

This plan is intended to be both a policy document and an action plan with specific recommendations that will assist WisDOT with its commitments in providing long-term transportation for active modes of transportation, i.e., biking and walking users in our state.

Notice of Intent

WisDOT sought preliminary comments for 30 days through May 25, 2022.  Additional feedback should be submitted via a comment form or by email to

The plan’s development process will include engagement opportunities with the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. These public engagement efforts will help WisDOT identify potential issues and key topics of focus while developing a shared vision for active transportation in Wisconsin. Stakeholder partic​ipation is encouraged throughout the development of the plan.  WisDOT will provide plan-related updates and outreach events during the planning process.  To sign up for event notifications and other plan-related correspondence, please sign up for updates.


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