Safety plans and reports

​​The WisDOT Bureau of Transportation Safety (BOTS) is tasked with working with internal and external partners to reduce the number of preventable traffic fatalities and injuries in Wisconsin. BOTS creates and prepares reports and has documents available to the publ​ic and partners regarding the mission.

​For information on grant funding and applications, visit the grants and media campaigns web page.

BOTS prepares a report each year of the programs, grants and activities planned for the next federal fiscal year and submits the plan to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The plan also is the state's application for federal safety funds.

BOTS prepares the Highway Safety Program Annual Report each year for NHTSA. The report details the grants, activities and programs the bureau managed and presented in the Highway Safety Plan during the federal fiscal year as part of the mission to improve traffic safety in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin's Strategic Highway Safety Plan is a statewide comprehensive plan that provides a synchronized framework for reducing traffic fatalities, injuries and crashes over a three year period. The plan examines various issue areas that affect highway safety in Wisconsin.