Join WisDOT as a civil/structural engineer!

Engineers with hard hats viewing construction materials

It takes teamwork among multiple disciplines to plan, build and maintain Wisconsin's state ​highway system. WisDOT hires civil and structural engineers at the entry, senior, advanced and supervisor levels in both technical and non-technical roles. There are also opportunities for interns and student co-ops. As technology continues to change the ways we design, construct and use our highways, it's an exciting time to look at careers in transportation!

WisDOT civil/structural engineer benefits include:

Opportunity to work in a variety of functional areas:

  • Design - Many factors go into the design process, ranging from safety, materials, regulations, site conditions, and traffic patterns before, during, and after construction. Design professionals also coordinate with other departments, agencies, businesses, tribes, property owners and the general public.
  • Construction - When thinking "construction," you might think about hard hats, work boots and bright vests. But every construction project at WisDOT is more than what you see. Our teams work closely with crews on standards and accountability to optimize return on investment in state highway improvements.
  • Structures - Wisconsin has roughly 14,000 state and local bridges. Structural engineers are critical to ensure quality, durability and timely maintenance of bridges throughout this expansive system. The WisDOT Bureau of Structures is responsible for design, construction and maintenance activities.​
  • Traffic - WisDOT Traffic Operations is one of the fastest-paced areas within the department where technology continues to enhance the way we manage congestion and optimize available roadway. Traffic engineers establish best practices in design and traffic controls to improve safety.
  • Maintenance - WisDOT maintenance professionals play a vital role in establishing the policies and practices that ensure drivable, safe highways. WisDOT’s maintenance section works with stakeholders statewide on plowing, salting, mowing, crack-filling, permitting of large loads and a variety of other topics.
  • Utilities - Some of the most important infrastructure in WisDOT projects is the infrastructure you do not necessarily see. It’s important that WisDOT have detail-oriented staff working with the utility companies to ensure safety. Utility lines, such as gas, electric, telecommunication and internet, are all located within the right of way throughout the state highway system.
  • Environment - Environmental processes and staff keep projects in compliance with state and federal standards, while also providing technical expertise. Environmental procedures are core to the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of our highways. There are multi-step processes for public involvement, analysis, and documentation to minimize impacts to streams, wetlands, habitats and species.
  • Pavements - WisDOT pavement, soils, and materials engineers work hard to ensure high-quality, durable driving surfaces. The pavements and materials team has been leveraging award winning research to complete their work.
  • Real Estate - With more than 11,000 miles of state and interstate highway, WisDOT-managed facilities create a significant footprint throughout Wisconsin. There are times when WisDOT will need additional land to complete an important public safety improvement, or when the department will have land for sale after a project is complete. The WisDOT real estate team manages the purchases and sales that help to keep projects moving forward.
  • Other non-technical roles - Communications, finance and administration play important functions in delivering a roughly $1 billion annual improvement program.

Working locations around the state:

  • Superior
  • Green Bay
  • Eau Claire
  • Madison
  • Waukesha
  • La Crosse
  • Wisconsin Rapids
  • Rhinelander
  • Milwaukee

Excellent benefits package:

  • Start with 15 days of vacation time, 4½ days of personal time and 9 paid holidays
  • Additional 5 days of vacation earned after 5 years of state employment, with additional increases every 5 years
  • Earn up to 130 hours of sick leave time per year
  • Moving expenses may be reimbursed
  • View additional benefits with WisDOT

Starting salary – entry civil/structural engineer positions:

  • Starting pay is $52,000 per year
  • Up to $60,777 if you have professional engineering experience
  • Salary progression increases

Starting salary – senior civil engineer positions:

  • Starting pay is $64,833
  • Up to $83,512 pending relative qualifications

Starting salary -- senior structural engineer positions:

  • Starting pay is $66,518
  • Up to $83,512 pending relative qualifications

Starting salary – advanced civil engineer positions:

  • Starting pay is $72,592
  • Up to $83,512 pending relative qualifications

Starting salary – advanced structural engineer positions:

  • Starting pay is $78,041
  • Up to $83,512 pending relative qualifications

Starting salary – supervisor civil engineer positions:

  • Starting pay is $82,659
  • Up to $83,512 pending relative qualifications

Starting salary – supervisor structural engineer positions:

  • Starting pay is up to $87,131pending relative qualifications

Entry civil/structural engineer positions – Spend time learning WisDOT's processes and procedures, provides support to higher level engineers, and works under close supervision. Applicants typically are new graduates or have up to 3 years of professional level engineering experience.

Senior civil/structural engineer positions – Have the ability to make independent decisions regarding transportation projects and function as a program or project leader on a transportation project. Applicants possess at least 4 years of professional engineering experience.

Advanced civil/structural engineer positions – Provide technical engineering expertise in their assigned program area and act as transportation project managers and complete all aspects of a transportation project. Applicants are required to possess a Professional Engineer (PE) license upon application.

Supervisor civil/structural engineer positions – Provide oversight and management to professional engineering staff who are responsible for the planning, design, development, construction operation and maintenance of transportation facilities.

Training and progression:

  • Ability to progress to the Senior level with a salary increase
  • Some senior level positions may offer the opportunity to progress to the advanced level with salary increase
  • Opportunity to transfer to different locations or functional areas
  • Professional on the job training offered
  • Promotional opportunities available

Current WisDOT entry, senior or advanced civil/structural engineer recruitments are posted on Wisc.Jobs.