Mission statement


Provide leadership in the development and operation of a safe and efficient transportation system.


Dedicated people creating transportation solutions through innovation and exceptional service.


  • Accountability - Being individually and collectively responsible for the impact of our actions on resources, the people we serve, and each other.
  • Attitude - Being positive, supportive and proactive in our words and actions.
  • Communication - Creating a culture in which people listen and information is shared openly, clearly, and timely - both internally and externally.
  • Excellence - Providing quality products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations by being professional and the best in all we do.
  • Improvement - Finding innovative and visionary ways to provide better products and services and measure our success.
  • Integrity - Building trust and confidence in all our relationships through honesty, commitment and the courage to do what is right.
  • Respect - Creating a culture where we recognize and value the uniqueness of all our customers and each member of our diverse organization through tolerance, compassion, care and courtesy to all.
  • Teamwork - Creating lasting partnerships and working together to achieve mutual goals.