Communications: data and voice networks


Mobile Architecture for Communications Handling (MACH) is a communications software that features automatic vehicle location, silent dispatching, secure car to car messaging, in-car mapping, and the ability to query the Wisconsin Transaction of Information for Management of Enforcement (TIME) System.


The Wisconsin State Patrol operates a statewide VHF analog conventional voice radio communications network. The system consists of a mobile radio, a portable, and a vehicular repeater installed in each squad. There is a base station at each of our tower sites and a dispatch point in each of our regions.

Some troopers have an 800 MHz portable as well to allow them access to county 800 MHz trunked and/or conventional systems. Project 25 standard digital radios are being installed in squads to allow communications with new county digital radio systems. The radios that the Wisconsin State Patrol operate on in the VHF conventional system include frequencies that are used by federal, county and municipal agencies. The mobile and portable radios also contain the statewide mutual aid channels available for use by all public safety agencies.

The statewide radio network includes the Police Interagency (POINT), Wisconsin Police Emergency Radio Network (WISPERN), and Mutual Aid Radio Channel (MARC) channels. The Wisconsin State Patrol is a participant in the Wisconsin Interoperable System for Communications (WISCOM​) statewide Project 25 digital VHF trunking system project.

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