Bureau of Technical Services

  • Environmental - Provides expertise, technical and policy guidance, environmental training and review to regional and central office staff, consultants, the public and other agencies. Program areas include environmental documentation, cultural resources, noise analysis, air quality, environmental justice, indirect and cumulative impacts analysis, hazardous materials, erosion control, storm water management, asbestos remediation and threatened and endangered species.
  • Materials and quality assurance – Provides materials testing requiring specialized equipment and technical knowledge. This section provides expertise in specialized areas used to develop specifications and new technologies, conducts forensic evaluation of construction materials, provides general materials related expertise and assists in the development and implementation of statewide quality assurance programs by providing testing and technical expertise.
  • Pavements – Provides policy, guidelines, and expertise in the areas of pavement structural design and type selection, maintenance, warranties, and research. Staff serve on national committees and research groups.
  • Right-of-way plats – Reviews and records right-of-way plats in close cooperation with the regions.
  • Real estate – Provides expertise and services to the division and department for property acquisition and disposal.
  • Geotechnical (soils) – Provides expertise in the area of soil quality. Provides analysis, and recommendations for project design and development with relation to groundwater, compaction, retaining walls, and soil testing.
  • Subsurface exploration - Provides drilling and coring services to provide pavement structure information for roadway design. Provides soils information to enable engineering of foundation designs for structures and retaining walls. Other core services include drilling services for marsh investigations, rock cuts and slope instability.
  • Surveying and mapping - Provides expertise and services in the areas of photogrammetry, LiDAR, geodetic surveys and digital cartography, design survey, topography, cross sections, contour maps, right-of-way staking, control survey, construction staking and Height Modernization.
  • Utilities - Provides policy, guidelines and expertise in the area of utilities, adjacent to or within highway corridors.

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