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​​WisDOT's​ Design-Build Program is a collaborative contracting process that​​ brings the engineering and construction industries together at the outset of a highway improvement project. Traditionally in Wisconsin, these processes have always been separated, where a designer plans the project and a construction company will then execute on those plans.

Current Design-Build Project

  • US 45 1600-15-00/70
    • Construction/replacement of 8 miles of pavement on US 45 west of Clintonville
    • Questions and Answers 
      • Postings will occur each Friday
      • Last day to submit questions is October 22, 2121
      • Final posting will occur October 29, 2021
    • Addenda
      • no addenda at this time
    • Request For Qualification (RFQ)
      • Submit the SOQ in a fully searchable PDF format that is also not password-protected to:
        • Email subject line must be as follows:
          • “Project 1600-15-00/70 -[Design-Builder name] SOQ - [Date]”
        • Maximum email size the Department can receive is 25 MB.
          • If necessary, break the pdf into multiple emails to meet this requirement. If multiple emails are used, they must be numbered sequentially in the subject line (e.g., Project 1600-15-00/70 -[Design-Builder name] SOQ - [Date] - Email [#] of [#]).
      • Advertisement date October 4, 2021
      • Submittal due date November 19, 2021, 9:00 AM
      • Results

Design-Build Contact Information:
Ben Thompson