Bridge Technical Committee

Bridge Technical Committee 
Meeting minutes11/29/2018
Shop Fabrication Unit Updates11/29/2018
Meeting minutes03/28/2018
Meeting minutes11/29/2017
Meeting minutes07/19/2017
Meeting minutes03/21/2017
Meeting minutes11/11/2016
Meeting minutes07/19/2016
Meeting minutes03/21/2016
Meeting minutes10/09/2015
Meeting minutes04/30/2015
Meeting minutes11/19/2014
Meeting minutes07/24/2014
Meeting minutes03/27/2014
Meeting minutes11/20/2013
Meeting minutes07/25/2013
Meeting minutes03/21/2013
Meeting minutes11/15/2012
Meeting minutes07/26/2012
Meeting minutes03/15/2012
Bridge Technical Committee - Structures Design And Construction Subcommittee 
Meeting minutes - update to existing items only03/29/2019
Meeting minutes03/28/2018
Meeting minutes03/21/2017
Meeting minutes ​03/21/2016
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Contact Aaron Bonk for questions about Structures Design and Construction Subcommittee.