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Description Name Updated
Chapter 15 - Slope Protection
Slope Paving Structures (Crushed Aggregate And Select Crushed Materials)slppavcrag​07/22
​Slope Paving Structures (Concrete Cast-In-Place)slppavcip​07/22
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​Chapter 19 - Prestressed Concrete
​​28" Prestressed Girder Details​g28
​​28" Superstructure Details
​​36" Prestressed Girder Details​g3607/22
​​36" Superstructure Details​g36det07/22
​​​36W" Prestressed Girder Details​g36w​​01/23
​​36W" Superstructure Details​g36wdet07/22
45​​" Prestressed Girder Details​g4507/22
​​​45" Superstructure Details​g45det07/22
​​​45W" Prestressed Girder Detailsg45w01/23
​​​45W" Superstructure Details​g45wdet07/22
​​54" Prestressed Girder Details​g5407/22
​​54" Superstructure Details​g54det07/22
​​54W" Prestressed Girder Details​g54w01/23
​​54W" Superstructure Detailsg54wdet​07/22
70​​" Prestressed Girder Details​g70​07/22
​​70" Superstructure Details​g70det​07/22
​​72W" Prestressed Girder Details​g72w01/23
​​72W" Superstructure Detailsg72wdet07/22
​​82W" Prestressed Girder Detailsg82w01/23
​​82W" Superstructure Details​g82wdet​07/22
Steel Diaphragm Less Than 70" (rehabilitation)gstdiamt07/22
Steel Diaphragm 36W"​gstdia36w​07/22
Steel Diaphragm Less Than 70"gstdia07/22
​Steel Diaphragm 70" And Greatergstdia70​07/22
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​Chapter 27 - Bearings
​Elastomeric Prestressed Girder Bearings​brelaspg​07/22
​Prestressed Girder Steel Bearingsbrgpcg​07/22
Steel Girder Bearingsbrtflon​​07/22
​Hold Down Device​brholdwn​​07/22
​Rocker Bearingsbrtypeb​07/22
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​Chapter 28 - Expansion Devices
​Modular Expansion Joint Details​jtmoddetails07/22
Cover Plates For Sidewalk W/Conc. Parapetjtmodcvr107/22
​Cover Plates For Parapet "LF"jtmodcvr2​07/22
Cover Plates For Sidewalk W/Steel Railjtmodcvr307/22
Cover Plates For Single Slope Parapetjtmodcvr4​07/22
Cover Plates For Single Slope Parapet and Parapet "A"jtssass​07/22
Cover Plates For LF/HF Parapet and At-Grade Sidewalkjtssatgrsdwksf​07/22
Cover Plates For Single Slope Parapet and At-Grade Sidewalk​jtssatgrsdwkss​07/22
Cover Plates For Raised Sidewalk​jtssraissdwk​07/22
Cover Plates For LF/HF/51F Parapet and Parapet "B"jtssslpfac07/22
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​Chapter 29 - Floor Drains
Floor Drain, Type "H"drainh​07/22
​​Floor Drain, Type "WF"drainwf07/22
Downspout Details​downsp​​07/22
Floor Drain, Type "GC"draingc-in​​07/22
Floor Drain, Type "GC"​draingc-out​​07/22
Drain Details​drainsra​07/22
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​Chapter 30 - Railings
Sloped Face Parapet "51F"51f​07/22
51" Concrete Integral Barrier​51barrier​07/22
Parapet "LF" Footing​footing07/22
Vertical Face Parapet "A"​ppta​07/22
​Parapet "A" Electrical Work​pptaelec​07/22
​Sloped Face Parapet "B"​pptb​07/22
Vertical Face Parapet "TX"railtex​07/22
Sloped Face Parapet "HF"​hfdec​07/22
Sloped Face Parapet "HF"hfwin​07/22
Sloped Face Parapet "LF"​lfdec​07/22
​Sloped Face Parapet "LF"lfwin​07/22
Parapet "LF" Electrical Work​lightdet​07/22
Single Slope Parapet 32SS​ss3207/22
Single Slope Parapet 32SS Electrical Detailsss32elec07/22
​​Single Slope Parapet 36SS​ss3607/22
​​Single Slope Parapet 36SS Electrical Detailsss36elec​07/22
​​Single Slope Parapet 42SSss4207/22
​​Single Slope Parapet 42SS Electrical Details​ss42elec07/22
​​Single Slope Parapet 56SS With Structural Approach Slabss56app​07/22
Single Slope Parapet 56SS Ending On Deck​ss56dec07/22
​Single Slope Parapet 56SS Ending On Wingss56win​07/22
​​Single Slope Parapet 56SS Electrical Detailsss56elec07/22
​​​​​Single Slope Parapet Footing​ssfooting​07/22
​Fencing Details​railchan07/22
Combination Railings Types "C1-C6"railcomb07/22
Combination Railings Types "C1-C6" Detailsrailcombdet01/23
Combination Railings Type "3T"railcomb3T07/22
Combination Railings Type "3T" Detailsrailcomb3Tdet​07/22
Tubular Railing, Type "F"​railf​07/22
​Tubular Railing, Type "H" (Alum.)railhalm07/22
​Tubular Railing, Type "H" (Steel)railhstl​07/22
​Tubular Steel Railing Type NY3​railny307/22
​End Posts For Tubular Steel Railing Type NY3railny3det​07/22
​Tubular Steel Railing Type NY4​railny4​07/22
​End Posts For Tubular Steel Railing Type NY4​railny4det07/22
Timber Railing Attached to Concrete Slabrailtimber​07/22
​​Timber Railing Attached to Concrete Slab (Details)​railtimberdet07/22
Tubular Steel Railing, Type "M"​railm​07/22
Tubular Railing, Type "PF"railpf​07/22
Tubular Railing, Type "PF" Detailsrailpfdet​07/22
​Steel Railing, Type "W"​railw07/22
Tubular Steel Railing Screening​screening​​07/22
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Alternate Construction Jointaltjoint​07/22
​Conc. Slab Camber and Thickness Diagramsslabcamber​07/22
Wing Strapping​wingstrap​07/22
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