Approved products lists

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The approved product list pre-qualifies materials and serves as part of DTSD's Quality Verification activity per Title 23 CFR 637 and WisDOT Standard Specification Section 106.3.2.

Product Submittal

​WisDOT will only evaluate products that meet the standards and requirements for individual approved product lists. Applicable pre-qualification activities include ​physical and chemical testing, fabrication plant inspections, and evaluation of product​ design data. These activities, as well as administrative function of pre-qualification, vary among products according to specific provisions contained in the Standard Spec or in the contract documents. Further information about materials administration can be found in​ Chapter 8 of the WisDOT Construction and Materials Manual.

Pre-qualification or approval doe​s not ​constitute acceptance of the work under the contract. All pre-qualified materials are subject to inspection and/or testing from time of delivery until acceptance. Certifications of compliance or certified reports of test as to material properties may be requested by project staff per contractual ​acceptance procedures, or at the discretion of the engineer. Non-conforming materials are subject to rejection or price adjustment.

Contact information for each of the pro​​duct categories is listed on the pages for the respective materials and sources. Use that contact for information regarding pre-qualification for specific materials.

Products placed on an approved product list must immediately notify WisDOT if the product manufacturer has made a material change to the product, the product has become the subject of legal action in the United States or any state, or all product information was not disclosed to WisDOT at time of application.

WisDOT may remove a product from an approved product list if it is determined the product needs further review.

Prequalified ​Products

Utilize the following prequalified approved products that were active on the bid closing date, per the requirements of Standard Specification 101.2. Archived lists are available by sending an email to​​​​​​. Include letting date and name of approved product list(s) required.

Portland Cement Concrete

Asphalt Concrete


Drainage (See "Precast Concrete Fabricators" below for concrete pipe and structures)

Erosion Control


Structure Painting Systems

Precast Concrete and Masonry

Roadway Appurtenances

​​Traffic Barriers

Signing and Marking



Quality Acceptance Testing

Quality acceptance reports are generated from MTS for viewing. Material acceptance is based on actual test results in MTS. The following lists are not bid closing date dependent.​​

Aggregate Reports

​​​​​​​Portland Cement Concrete

Asphaltic Concrete​

WisDOT approval

The following lists are not bid closing date dependent.​

Asphaltic Concrete

Nuclear Density Testing​

​​​Ride Quality

Lists are updated as necessary. Archived lists and discontinued product information is available by sending an email to​​​​​​. Include letting date and name of approved product list(s) required.

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