Quality management program

The Department's Quality management program allows for product acceptance based on contractors' quality control (QC) testing when verified by the Department Quality Verification (QV). Program requirements are found in various department publications.

QMP Design Guidance

Control of Materials

QMP Standardized Special Provisions

Use STSP files for proposal preparation using the following STSP's:

  • Base Aggregate Compaction
  • Mill / Pulverize / Relay Compaction
  • Base Aggregate Lab Location
  • HMA Pavement Nuclear Density
  • HMA Pavement Percent Within Limits
  • Optimized Aggregate Gradation Incentive
  • Flexural Strength for Concrete Mix Design

QMP Construction Guidance

Concrete QMP specifications

QMP Performance Tracking

HMA References

Project Special Provisions and Support

GPS Machine Guidance

GPS Specifications

2020 Materials Training

Independent Assurance Program

Materials Reporting


Highway Technician Certification Program

Ride Quality


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