AASHTOWare Project

AASHTOWare Project Information

AASHTOWare Project (AWP) is a web based system designed by AASHTO and developed by InfoTech to manage highway contracts. AASHTOWare Project has several modules. The first module to be implemented at WisDOT is AASHTOWare Project Preconstruction, which replaces the current Trns*Port PES/LAS applications.

AASHTOWare Project Preconstruction permits the flexible definition of a project and its associated funding requirements to track and manage project cost information. The system supports preparation of the Engineer’s estimate for Federal Aid highway construction projects, allows projects to be combined into proposals for bid letting, and permits the selection of a group of proposals for a bid letting package. It also aids in advertising bids, tracking plan and proposal holders, processing bid information, evaluating bids and making award decisions.

Individuals that need access to AWP Preconstruction would include WisDOT and Consultant Designers who create engineering estimates as part of a PS&E submittal. 

AWP Project Preconstruction application

To obtain access, request approval through your WisDOT supervisor. Once you have approval, send your approval email along with your WAMS ID, Full name, Firm name, Firm address, email address and telephone number to AWPsupport@dot.wi.gov

Remember to update WisDOT with any contact information changes as this information will be used to notify you of important notices.


  • Future AWP Preconstruction training

​Technical assistance

  • Wisconsin Access Management System (WAMS) username and password support:
  • AASHTOWare Project Estimator support including software installation, configuration and support:
    • WisDOT staff  (608) 266-9434 or (800) 362-3050 (toll free) 
    • Consultant staff Annette Czerneski (715) 421-7319, Adam Bleskacek (715) 833-5574 or David Castleberg (608) 264-7606
  • AASHTOWare Project Preconstruction support including logon issues, web application usage issues:
    • AWP Support Email Address AWPSupport@dot.wi.gov
    • Annette Czerneski  (715) 421-7319
    • Adam Bleskacek (715) 833-5574
    • David Castleberg (608) 264-7606