AutoTURN descriptions

​General instructions

  • WisDOT staff should not use the AutoTURN files from this location.
  • Each zip file contains one or more standard roadway design AutoTURN data files.
  • For detailed instructions, read AutoTurn: Import WisDOT vehicle libraries  first.


File nameFile sizeDescriptionLast updated
AutoTurn: Import WisDOT vehicle libraries 

​Installation instructions for WisDOT vehicle libraries
April 17, 2018
WisDOT AutoTURN "What's new?"

​New changes
May 22, 2019
AutoTURN 10.2
​1.6 MB
​WisDOT custom vehicle files for AutoTURN version 10.2: Includes .veh and .dwg files that define each individual vehicle in the WisDOT libraries.
​April 12, 2019
​2.2 MB
WisDOT database file for AutoTURN version 10.2: Includes the AutoTURN database file with the WisDOT vehicles pre-loaded.  Includes .dwg files defining the vehicle shapes.
​April 12, 2019

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