Local Public Agency (LPA) Real Estate Acquisition Information

Lpa real estate acquisition info
LPA real estate acquisition info

Who can help with local right of way questions? The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) maintains several regional Local Public Agency Real Estate (LPA RE) coordinator positions, and a statewide coordinator to help coordinate and oversee LPA RE related activities. The LPA RE coordinators are available to assist local public agencies and other entities that acquire property for federal-aid transportation projects. WisDOT also has a list of pre-approved consultants to help local entities who may not have sufficient or qualified staff to acquire properties in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. Information on this page is specific to LPAs needing to perform real estate right of way acquisitions as part of a local road improvement project. Here we provide some basic resources and guidance for securing state and federal aid for real estate acquisitions. LPAs must work with WisDOT on projects when there is state/federal funds to be used in the any part of the project. The LPA must follow minimum procedures to secure approvals needed to proceed with right of way acquisition on state or federal aid projects. Detailed guidance can be found in the LPA Manual, which includes required LPA forms. It is the responsibility of each LPA to ensure that all state and federal procedures and laws are followed. Before beginning an acquisition process, agencies must contact WisDOT; see contacts below.


Regions served - MC
North Central (NC)Cedar Corporation, Greg Wolfe, PE (715) 235-9081
Northeast (NE)JT Engineering, Inc., Rich Glen, PE (920) 468-4771
Northwest (NW)Knight E/A, Inc., Randy Byom (608) 519-1455
Southeast (SE)DAAR, Stan Lukasz (414) 225-9817
Southwest (SW)KL Engineering, Jeff Melville (608) 663-1218


Regions served - WisDOT/Real Estate staff
North Central (NC)
Northwest (NW)
Southwest (SW)
Cindy Michalski (715) 421-8350, Wisconsin Rapids Office
Northeast (NE)

Vacant (interim contact Kerry Paruleski)

Southeast (SE) Vacant (interim contact Kerry Paruleski)
Statewide Kerry Paruleski (414) 220-5461, Milwaukee Office


Eminent domain publications/brochures - Wisconsin required

LPA training

Manuals - these three manuals are "key" guides to LPA real estate project related activities

Other related resources

Other WisDOT highway information

WisDOT approved LPA staff and consultants

To be considered for approval to any of these lists, contact Kerry Paruleski (414) 220-5461WisDOT LPA logo