Local Roads Improvement Program

Established in 1991, the Local Roads Improvement Program (LRIP) assists local governments in improving seriously deteriorating county highways, town roads, and city and village streets. LRIP is a reimbursement program, which pays up to 50% of total eligible costs with local governments providing the balance.

LRIPWeb Application

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) has opened the LRIPWeb Application for the 2020-2021 LRIP biennial program cycle. Available via a computer and Internet access, Local Government Officials and County Highway Commissioners can submit their local road improvement project applications and reimbursement requests online. LRIPWeb users can access their pending tasks via the “My Work Queue” function, and attach or view project documents.

To access LRIPWeb:

All current and new LRIPWeb users must complete a one-time registration to use in the Transportation Assistance System (TAS). Login instructions are available for first time users.

     Registered users:  Click the Launch TAS button below and log-in using your email address and password.     



LRIPWeb Help Resources

Program Documents

Approved 2020-2021 LRIP Discretionary Projects

Summary reports

The Open Projects County Summary Report is a summary of open projects per county -- including a project’s location, component type, number, and related funding information. The report is also available in the LRIP Reports application.

The Open Projects Statewide Summary is a statewide summary showing the total number of open projects, and their corresponding total project costs and the total final reimbursement amounts, per funding component for the biennium. The report is available in the LRIP Reports application.

These reports are updated quarterly (January, April, July and October).

The 2018-2019 LRIP Summary Report, published every two years, presents program activity during the past biennial cycle. The report provides an analysis of program performance and includes a listing of all projects funded during the biennium.

On/At Manual

The On/At Manual illustrates how to describe the location of your LRIP project using the On/At method. Starting with the 2004-05 program cycle, LRIP applicants have been required to use On/At in the LRIP Application Form to describe the location of their LRIP project(s). On/At is the same method used by the Wisconsin Information System for Local Roads (WISLR) and by local communities to submit pavement ratings to WisDOT every two years. Please contact your county highway commissioner with your On/At questions.


LRIP Program Manager:

Patrick B. Vander Sanden
(608) 266-0775

As the Program Manager, Patrick is responsible for all program-related questions and requests for project changes.

LRIP Contract Specialist:

Joe Schneider
(608) 266-9497

As the Contract Specialist, Joe is responsible for all disbursements, including reimbursement requests.