Surface Transportation Program - Local

New2024-2029 Program Cycle Documents (Application deadline is October 27, 2023.)

Important Notes:

  • Final Applications are due to the Central Office on October 27, 2023.
  • Contact the Local Program Manager for information regarding these applications.

The Surface Transportation Program - Local (STP-L) allocates federal funds to complete a variety of improvements to off-system roadways functionally classified a a rural minor collector or local road.

The objective of STP-L is to improve non-federal aid roadway​s outside of urbanized areas. Projects must me​et federal and state requirements.

For 2024-2029 program development, total funds available for the ST​P-L Program are anticipated to be significantly greater than previous program cycles. This amount will be based on anticipated federal local program levels for fiscal years 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028 and 2029. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has significantly increased program funding levels.  Program fundi​ng levels will be updated​ as necessary pending state biennial budget changes and federal reauthorization.

Local Program Sidewalk Guidance Document

Change Management

Regional local program contacts:

Southwest Region
Rob Winterton
Phone: (608) 789-7879
Fax: (608) 246-3819

Southeast Region
Jacob Varnes
Phone: (262) 548-8789
Fax: (262) 521-4425

Northeast Region
Alex Dums

Phone: (920) 492-5707
Fax: (920) 492-5711

North Central Region
Jordan Kelbley​
Phone: (715) 421-8041
Fax: (715) 365-5780

Northwest Region
Randy Kirk​
Phone: (715) 392-7860
Fax: (715) 635-2309

Statewide program contact:
Mike Loughran
Phone: (608) 266-2870
Fax: (608) 267-3567

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