Performance-based maintenance (PbM)

Performance-based highway maintenance is a way of using blue tanks on an orange truck to seal bridge decks efficientlyeffectively and proficiently preserving roads and structures.

Performance-based highway maintenance is based on the authority to contract with counties to perform specific highway maintenance tasks and is also based on an agreed-upon standard. Payment for specific highway maintenance tasks are paid based on work completed rather than actual cost reimbursement.

Performance-based maintenance (PbM) in Wisconsin originated from the 2013-15 budget bill which created s. 84.07(2)(b), Wis. Stats.:

When any county or municipality maintains the state trunk highways within or beyond the limits of the county or municipality, including interstate bridges, in compliance with the arrangement with the department, the department and the county or municipality may agree to a payment method and terms other than that specified in par. (a), including payment according to a contract price for maintenance services rather than payment of actual costs of the maintenance.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) and the Wisconsin County Highway Association (WCHA). Under this agreement, WisDOT and WCHA established a PbM Steering Group and subgroups to focus on recommending changes in the state maintenance manual and routine maintenance agreements. The agreements could in some instances ultimately replace the actual cost reimbursement requirements with language and procedures that support performance-based or unit price reimbursement where appropriate.

Current timeline, projects, and PbM presentation

  • The Performance-based Maintenance (PbM) timeline outlines various due dates ranging from candidate project lists to proposed project estimates for WisDOT Central Office, WisDOT Regional Maintenance Offices and county partners.
  • The final PbM project list of routine maintenance activities sent to county highway commissions.
  • PbM status presentation used at the Wisconsin County Highway Association Winter Road School event provides an overview of the PbM project and concept.
  • View updated map showing the distribution and type of the final candidate projects on the State Highway System.


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