Work Zone Field Manual

​2021 Wisconsin Work Zone Field Manual

This Field Manual contains general Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) standards for Wisconsin state highways. The user shall follow any TTC plans, specifications, and special provisions written for a specific project and then follow the Field Manual for all other layouts. Any work that affects road users (including vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians) requires proper TTC ​plans.

Entire Work Zone Field Manual

​Section ​Revision Date
​Introduction / Glossary / GuidelinesJuly 6, 2021
Temporary Traffic Control DevicesJuly 6, 2021
Longitudinal Drop-off GuidelinesJuly 6, 2021
​Symbols Used in Typical Layouts​July 6, 2021
​Components of a Temporary Traffic Control ZoneJuly 6, 2021
​Temporary Traffic Control Distance Charts​​​July 6, 2021
​Low Volume Roads: Rural and Urban (Layouts 1-3)July 6, 2021
Two-Lane, Two-Way Roads (Layouts 4-31)July 6, 2021
Two-Way, Continuous Left-Turn Lane (Layouts 32-36)
​July 6, 2021
Multi-Lane Undivided Roads (Layouts 37-44)
​July 6, 2021
​Multi-Lane Divided Road (Layouts 45-75)​
July 6, 2021
​Miscellaneous Layouts (Layouts 76-87)July 6, 2021
Quality StandardsJuly 6, 2021
WisDOT Work Zone ​ContactsJuly 6, 2021

Summary of changes​ (March 26, 2021)

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Emily Silverson, Bureau of Traffic Operations