eMV Public FAQs - Vehicle kept in information

My city/village/town/unincorporated village isn't listed. What should I do?

If you select a community that is unincorporated, in the county selected the e-MV Public application will change it to the nearest, largest community. This change will show on the Confirmation screen and on the receipt.

Why do I have to list where my vehicle is kept?

State law (section 341.08(2)(d) WI stats.) requires the city, village or town and the county in which the vehicle is customarily kept. Any person who gives a false or fictitious location where a vehicle is kept may be fined not more than $200 or imprisoned not more than six months or both (section 341.60, WI stats.) Vehicle location information is used to:
  • collect local county sales and use tax.
  • comply with the Federal Clean Air Act requirements for vehicle emissions testing in certain areas of the state.
  • collect county or municipal wheel taxes.
  • assist local, state and federal government agencies study demographics and asses future public needs.

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