WIS 80, Poplar Street through WIS 73/County A intersection, Wood County


WIS 80, from Poplar Street through the WIS 73/County A intersection, Pittsville, Wood County


The purpose of the proposed action is to implement the most cost-effective solution to improve ride quality, reduce maintenance efforts, increase safety, improve roadway drainage and upgrade sidewalk ramps.

The existing pavement surface is deteriorating, including numerous cracks and surface distortion that is causing water to pond on the roadway surface. Sidewalk ramps do not meet current American Disability Act (ADA) standards. Safety issues have been identified at the WIS 73/WIS 80 intersection due to the alignment of existing left turn lanes as well as the overall intersection width.

Proposed Improvements

  • Modify the WIS 73/WIS 80 intersection from a two-way stop to a four-way stop intersection
  • Remove and replace the asphalt surface in the driving lanes from Poplar Street to WIS 73
  • Restore deteriorated roadway drainage inlets
  • Replace sidewalk ramps to meet ADA standards

Real Estate

Additional right of way will be required for this project. Curb ramp construction will require both fixed fee and temporary limited easement (TLE) purchases. These purchases will allow the sidewalk and the sloping into the new sidewalk to be constructed. P​reliminary right of way impacts are shown on the public involvement exhibits. WisDOT expects to begin real estate acquisition in the spring of 2022.

Rights of Landowners Under Wis Eminent Domain Law [Wis Stats 32.05]

Traffic Impacts

Roadway closures at the intersection will be necessary to complete the WIS 73/WIS 80 intersection modifications.

  • WIS 73 will remain open to traffic during construction
  • WIS 80 will be closed for approximately 4 weeks utilizing a detour of WIS 54 and WIS 73
    • WIS 80 will remain open to local traffic while construction is occurring in the city of Pittsville. Motorists can expect single lane closures with the use of flaggers. Short duration, temporary driveway closures may be necessary.
  • County A intersection will be closed throughout construction. A detour is not currently proposed.

Public Involvement

March 2022 Update: 

We are no longer proposing to install rumble strips on the WIS 80 approach to the intersection from the south.  Lower approach speeds, no existing rumble strips, as well as lack of crash history resulting from vehicles running the stop sign, indicate rumble strips are not needed at this location.

Existing rumble strips on County A will remain. In addition, we are continuing to propose adding rumble strips to both the east and west approach on WIS 73.  The proposed intersection will require all traffic to stop. Since traffic on WIS 73 is currently not required to stop, adding rumble strips will increase safety by providing motorists additional notification to stop.

December 2021

Residents and businesses within the project limits were contacted via mail in December 2021. The following information was provided at that time. 


  • Local officials meeting: February 26, 2020
  • Public involvement: October 22, 2020 to November 20, 2020
  • Local officials meeting: October 11, 2021
  • Public involvement: November/December 2021
  • Begin right of way acquisition: Spring 2022
  • Final roadway plans: Fall 2023
  • Construction currently scheduled for 2024


Your input is welcome and appreciated throughout the design process. Deaf or hard of hearing persons needing assistance should contact the Wisconsin Telecommunications Relay system (dial 711).

WisDOT Project Manager: Mark Steidl, (715) 459-6105

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