WIS 114 Reconstruction

Map of Wis 114

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is seeking public feedback on proposed improvements to WIS 114 in Winnebago County. This outreach aims to obtain your input on the identified needs and proposed design details. We appreciate your input and encourage you to take a moment to review the project information and provide comments.

Project location

The proposed project takes place on 1.7 miles of WIS 114 within the city of Menasha and the village of Fox Crossing in Winnebago County. The project limits begin at Manitowoc Street and end at US 10/Oneida Street.

Project handout

WisDOT has created a public handout for this project. Please feel free to download, print, and share with anyone who does not have access to this website. The handout includes a prepaid mailer for public comments.

Project purpose and need

The project is needed because the underlying pavement is failing, and the roadway pavement has reached the end of its service life. The last major reconstruction of WIS 114 dates back to the 1930’s. The roadway has undergone several rehabilitations, and performing additional rehabilitations is no longer cost-effective.

Project benefits

The reconstructed roadway will provide motorists a smoother riding surface resulting in less wear on vehicles and decreased maintenance costs. Safety reviews at intersections will determine if additional safety modifications are necessary.

Proposed improvements

This is a reconstruction-level project. Proposed improvements include:

  • Reconstruction of roadway
  • Reconstruction of existing sidewalks and curb ramps
  • Construct a new sidewalk on the north side of WIS 114 from 6th Street to Melissa Street
  • Repave the asphalt trail on the south side of WIS 114 from Baldwin Street to US 10
  • Replacement of deteriorated storm sewer
  • Review of intersection geometry and evaluation of turn lane needs, including potential modifications to the southbound US 10/Oneida Street right turn lane and three westbound lanes immediately west of the intersection.
  • Review of pedestrian/bicycle accommodations and crosswalks
  • Signing and pavement marking
  • Railroad crossing replacement

Drainage Study

A drainage study was completed to review the feasibility of lowering the profile of WIS 114 between 6th Street and US 10. The study determined that the existing roadway elevation is at the approximate 100-year flood elevation of Lake Winnebago and any lowering of the profile between 6th Street and US 10 would result in a roadway that was more susceptible to flooding. The recommendation of the study was to reconstruct the roadway between 6th Street and US 10 at approximately the same elevation as the existing roadway.

Proposed Roadway Typical Sections

Existing and proposed typical highway sections are shown below as images after each section of the roadway is discussed. A PDF document with all the typical sections listed below is available for download as well.

Manitowoc Street – 6th Street (Existing and Proposed)

It is proposed to maintain the existing roadway section that includes a 12’ driving lane, a 4-foot bike lane, 2’ gutter and sidewalks on both sides of the road as shown below.

Diagram of existing roadway and proposed changes to Manitowoc Street – 6th Street 

6th Street – US 10 (Existing)

The existing roadway section includes a 3-foot bike lane and 2-foot gutter on the south side of WIS 114 and a 10-foot rural shoulder (3’ paved) on the north side of WIS 114 as shown below.

Diagram of existing roadway section at 6th Street and US 10 

6th Street – Melissa Street (Proposed)

It is proposed to add curb and gutter and sidewalk along the north side of WIS 114 and construct 4-foot bike lanes with a 2-foot gutter. It is anticipated that a ditch will remain in some areas behind the new sidewalk on the north side of WIS 114. The proposed roadway section is shown below.

Diagram of proposed changes to 6th Street - Melissa Street 

Melissa Street – US 10 (Proposed)

Two typical section options are being considered for WIS 114 between Melissa Street and US 10.  Both options would increase the bike lane width from 3-foot to 4-foot on the south side of the road.

  • The first option would maintain rural shoulder on the north side of WIS 114 with a 9-foot width (5-foot paved). The existing north side ditch would be evaluated and may be regraded in some areas to make drainage improvements, but the ditch would remain in its current location.
  • The second option would construct a curb with 2-foot gutter and a 4’ bike lane along the north side of WIS 114. This option may have a minor impact to the location of the existing ditch and may result in a slight shift of the existing ditch away from the road in some locations.

It is anticipated that driveway culvert pipes would be replaced for both options. The typical section options are shown below.

Diagram of both rural and urban section options for proposed changes on Melissa Street - US 10 

Additional sidewalk

The village of Fox Crossing is not considering the addition of sidewalk on the north side of WIS 114 between Melissa Street and US 10 at this time. The roadway profile cannot be lowered to eliminate the existing ditches due to flooding concerns, and the addition of sidewalk would result in the need to acquire real estate along the north side of WIS 114 to reconstruct the ditches further away from the roadway.

Traffic impacts

WIS 114 will be closed to through traffic and detoured during construction. Map of the detour on WIS 114 during construction

  • The proposed detour would direct drivers to use Appleton Road/WIS 47, Midway Road/County AP, and Oneida Street/US 10.
  • Local access will be maintained to residential driveways when possible.
  • Sidewalk construction between Manitowoc Street and 6th Street will be staged to provide pedestrian access along one side of WIS 114 at all times.
  • Construction will be staged to minimize the closure of the trail along the south side of WIS 114 between Baldwin Street and US 10.


  • Public Involvement Meeting #1: May 2022
  • Environmental document: Spring 2023
  • Project design: 2022 – 2026
  • Public Involvement Meeting #2: Spring 2024
  • Real estate acquisition to begin in 2024
  • Final Design: 2026
  • Construction currently scheduled in 2027

Real estate

It is anticipated that right-of-way acquisition in the form of Temporary Limited Easements (TLEs) will be required to blend the new construction into adjacent properties. Permanent (FEE) acquisition may be required for curb ramp construction at intersections. Additional information regarding the project real estate needs will be presented when design is further along in planning.

In This Together logo

Business Resource: WisDOT’s In This Together program

WisDOT recognizes businesses located in work zones or impacted by detour routes have special needs. WisDOT's In This Together program is offered to businesses, organizations, and community leaders as an idea source as they plan for road construction in their area. It includes promotional examples, case studies, and a specially designed Business Coordination Guide with information on:

  • Planning ahead
  • Staying informed
  • Keeping customers informed
  • Tips for businesses
  • Temporary business signage for businesses in the detoured portion of the project limits.

Please see WisDOT’s In This Together website for more information.

Public input/comments

Please submit comments to WisDOT using one of the following methods so that we receive them by the comment date to be considered during design.

  1. Fill out the comment form and mail to the contact below.
  2. Email comments or questions to the contact listed below.
  3. Call the contact below.

Project contact

Bill Bertrand, P.E., Project Manager
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
944 Vanderperren Way
Green Bay, WI 54304
Phone: (920) 360-3124
Email: William.bertrand@dot.wi.gov