WIS 32 Planning Study - De Pere, Brown County

*Updated information: Public comment period is underway until June 24, 2016 regarding the two remaining alternatives for the study location.

Note - There is a separate reconstruction project for WIS 32 on 8th St. (north of the Main Ave. intersection to Ash St.) scheduled for construction in 2017. For more information on this project, contact the Northeast (NE) Region office (920) 492-5623.

Study location

WIS 32 (Main Ave.), 3rd St. to 8th St., in city of De Pere, in Brown County.

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Study overview

WIS 32 provides a critical connection east and west of the Fox River through downtown De Pere.

WisDOT, in partnership with the city of De Pere, is leading this one mile long study to help determine need and scope of future construction projects. The pavement condition and the need to replace utilities along WIS 32 have been identified. The highway’s typical cross section and capacity will be evaluated.

The purpose of this multi-year study is to determine what this busy corridor will look like in the future, and how it will best serve the citizens of De Pere, Brown County and northeast Wisconsin.

A joint effort between the city of De Pere and WisDOT, by developing a long range plan, part of which incorporates evaluating the City of De Pere 2010 comprehensive plan and the De Pere Downtown Master Plan.

The study is looking to address:

  • Typical cross sections to meet transportation needs now and in the future
  • Existing and proposed traffic patterns for Main Ave. and Reid St.
  • Intersection operations
  • Bicycle/pedestrian and transit options
  • Existing railroad bridge structure for possible expansion
  • Utility replacements

This planning study will also provide information needed to determine the improvement schedule.

Planning started 2011.


This project is in the planning study phase. The study will determine appropriate scope of reconstruction through analysis and public outreach of various alternatives for the WIS 32 corridor.

The study will close in winter of 2017 and transition to developing plans for a funded reconstruction project


Based on the utility condition and condition of the pavement, a reconstruct level project is being planned for approximately 2022.

  • A planning study is needed to determine the best transportation solutions, along the WIS 32 corridor through the city of De Pere. This includes the feasibility of roadway capacity expansion at the CN Railroad structure.
  • WisDOT will also investigate improved intersection operations and traffic flow.
  • Investigating options for transit, bike and pedestrian accommodations in the downtown area.
  • Utility replacements will be evaluated as part of the study.
  • The study will help make accurate determinations of scope schedule and budget for the ultimate improvement project.
  • Public input and involvement will be vital to the success of this planning study.

Project benefits/anticipated outcomes

  • Preserve the public investment in WIS 32 by planning for long term mobility and safety in the downtown environment.
  • WisDOT will maintain an open dialog with local stakeholders during the development of the WIS 32 planning study.


Current and future (this year and beyond)

  • Winter 2017 - Phase 2, Approved Environmental Document anticipated
  • Fall 2016 - Phase 2, 30 percent design and functional plans anticipated
  • November 2016 - Final Report: Corridor recommendations including highway, rail, bicycle, pedestrian, transit and other emerging needs in a downtown environment.

Past (anything prior to today)





  • Data collection activities and alternatives development


  • Dec. 13, 2011 - WIS 32 stakeholder initial meeting
  • Sept. 13, 2011 - Media kickoff meeting
  • 2011 - Planning started