WIS 91 - Winnebago County

​We want your comments! Please review the proposed design for this project and call, email, or mail us your questions, suggestions, concerns or advice. 

Project Location

WIS 91 from just west of WIS 44 to the west Winnebago County line. The improvements are separated into three projects, each identified by a different project ID. You can view the overall project location map here. Below are the project locations separated by project ID.

  • ID 6540-08-00: WIS 91 from WIS 44 to the west Winnebago County line within the towns of Algoma, Nekimi, Utica, Omro, Rushford, and Nepeuskun. 
  • ID 6540-10-00: WIS 91 bridge over Waukau Creek
  • ID 6540-11-00: WIS 91 culvert work between James Road and Clairville Road 

Purpose and Need

The proposed projects are needed to improve the deteriorating pavement, culverts, and bridge on WIS 91. Construction on this stretch of highway last took place in 2004. Since that time, cracking has become visible in the existing asphaltic pavement. Culvert and bridge inspection also revealed numerous culverts that need replacement, a bridge deck that needs repair, and a twin-pipe culvert that is too small for the drainage in this area. This project will ensure that an acceptable roadway surface is created for the traveling public and that the bridge and drainage structures will continue to function properly.

Proposed Improvements

WisDOT has created a public handout for the this project. Please feel free to download, print and share with anyone who does not have access to this website.

Project ID 6540-08-00: The project is a rural resurfacing on 14.6 miles of WIS 91 between WIS 44 and the west Winnebago County line. Construction elements include:

  • Mill/overlay of the existing pavement
  • Shoulder work – increasing the paved shoulder width from 3 feet to 5 feet 
  • Replacement of pipe culverts primarily east of WIS 116
  • Improvement of existing at-grade railroad crossing
  • Centerline and shoulder rumble strips
  • Pavement markings

IDs 6540-10-00 & 6540-11-00: These two projects are improvements to structures at the locations noted above. Construction elements include:

  • Surface repair of the existing Waukau Creek bridge deck
  • Polymer asphalt overlay of the Waukau Creek bridge deck
  • Surface repair on Waukau Creek bridge abutments
  • Replacing the existing twin pipe culverts between James Road and Clairville Road with a box culvert


  • Real estate acquisition to begin in the spring of 2021 and the needs include:
    • Temporary limited easements (TLEs) and minor property acquisition for new box culvert associated with ID 6540-11-00
    • Possible TLEs for culvert replacements along ID 6540-08-00
    • A member of our real estate staff will contact you if your property will be affected
  • Design is on-going and will continue through 2024
  • Construction is tentatively scheduled as follows:
    • Structure improvements (IDs 6540-10-00 & 6540-11-00): Planned for summer of 2023
    • Rural resurfacing (ID 6540-08-00): Planned for 2025 with the possibility of advancement as early as 2023 (if funding becomes available)

Traffic Impacts

  • Structure improvements (IDs 6540-10-00 & 6540-11-00)
    • WIS 91 will be detoured for the entire duration of construction. The detour will utilize County M and WIS 44.
  • Rural resurfacing (ID 6540-08-00)
    • WIS 91 will be open to traffic throughout a majority of construction.  Traffic control in the form of flagging operations will be used to close one lane at a time as necessary for paving operations. A short-term detour will be in place for the replacement of culvert pipes. The detour will utilize County M and WIS 44.

In This Together program for businesses

WisDOT recognizes businesses located in work zones have special needs. It’s critical that customers have access to businesses and that they continue to visit them, regardless of any road work inconvenience. WisDOT's In This Together program is offered to business and community leaders as an idea source as they plan for road construction in their area. On the In this Together website, businesses can find:

  • Specially designed workbook for businesses to succeed during a highway construction project, includes information on:
    • Planning ahead
    • Staying informed
    • Keeping customers informed
    • Tips for businesses
  • Case studies that demonstrate techniques that have been successfully used in communities throughout Wisconsin.
  • Promotional samples showing a variety of examples of how businesses have promoted their businesses during construction.

During construction, temporary signing for business will be available. While signing and other marketing/advertising during the construction is up to the business, WisDOT encourages businesses to use the resources above to assist them with planning for construction before the construction begins.

Public comment

We would like your input on this project. You can download the attached comment form and mail it to project staff via pre-paid mailer, email any comments to any of the below contacts, or give us a call. If you know someone without access to this website, please pass along the project handout provide our contact information.

Bill Bertrand, P.E.
Project Manager
Phone: (920) 360-3124