WIS 29 (160th Street Bridge), town of Lafayette - Chippewa County


The project is located on the 160th Street Bridge over WIS 29​​​​​ in the Chippewa County town of Lafayette.


Built in 1966, the structure is in need of rehabilitation. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation proposes to:

  • Replace the concrete bridge deck and surface drains.
  • Replace the concrete slope paving under the structure with crushed aggregate slope paving.
  • Replace the asphaltic roadway on both sides of the bridge.
  • Upgrade the bridge railings.
  • Replace the guardrail.

Traff​​ic Impacts

During construction:

  • The bridge would be closed, and traffic detoured.
  • WIS 29 would remain open to traffic, but limited lane closures would be required during a portion of the work.
  • Local and emergency access would be maintained.


Construction currently is scheduled for 2027.

  • Work is anticipated to occur primarily between June and September to avoid the school year. ​​​However, a final schedule will be determined during the design process.

​​Project D​ocuments


Bill Biesmann
WisDOT Northwest Region Consultant Project Manager
(608) 663-1218, ext. 286

Nicole Passuello
WisDOT Northwest Region Project Supervisor
(715) 833-5572

Christena T. O’Brien
WisDOT Northwest Region Communications Manager
(715) 833-9814, (715) 828-9471

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Northwest Region, Eau Claire Office
718 W. Clairemont Ave.
Eau Claire, WI 54701
(715) 836-2891, (800) 991-5285