WIS 64 Freeway/Expressway Designation and Conversion Study - St. Croix County


WIS 64 corridor, 150th Avenue (St. Joseph) to WIS 65 (New Richmond) in St. Croix County.


This study is a planning and preservation project that will protect the safety and mobility of the traveling public. By officially mapping the needed future right of way, local governments, private property owners, businesses and land developers will know where and how much future right of way will be required by WisDOT to bring the highway up to full freeway standards. With this knowledge, all parties can plan accordingly for future developments.

The Freeway/Expressway designation is a proactive approach by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) that will protect the taxpayer’s investment in the corridor. WisDOT, in conjunction with input from the stakeholders along the highway corridor, will identify the necessary future improvements and right of way needs to designate and physically convert the facility to a freeway and expressway between the WIS 64 and WIS 35 interchange and the WIS 64 and 110th Street/Business 64 interchange west of New Richmond. Actual physical conversion is not expected to take place for 15 or more years.

The study examines the existing environmental, social, and transportation related issues along WIS 64.  An official map and documentation declaring the facility as either a freeway or expressway will be produced at the end of the study. The overall goal of the project is to preserve and enhance the long-term safety, operational and mobility aspects of the WIS 64 corridor from 150th Avenue to WIS 65. This study is independent of the Stillwater bridge project.

The two year study included two main phases:

  • The study and Environmental Assessment (EA) phase identifies a range of alternatives that can be evaluated for social, cultural, and environmental impacts. A preferred alternative will be identified at the conclusion of the EA.
  • An official map will be developed for the preferred alternative as the last stage of the study to preserve the needed right of way, close or convert the existing at-grade intersections to grade-separated crossings, and provide local road connections to the existing interchanges.

All stages of the study will include public involvement and coordination with federal, state, and local agencies.


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