I-41 Structures over Mill Road - Milwaukee County


This project takes place on I-41 at the WIS 175 Interchange in Milwaukee County. Proposed work consists of replacing the I-41 northbound and southbound structures over Mill Road.

Additional work includes the following:

  • Construction of crossover to accommodate traffic year prior to structure replacements.
  • Reconstructing the inside median barrier and inside shoulders (approximately 600’ north and south of Mill Road structures).
  • Rehabilitating I-41 to the upstream and downstream structures (approximately 600’ north and south of Mill Road structures). The I-41 roadway rehabilitation mainly includes base patching, mill/overlay, minor beamguard improvements, and shoulder widening south of the northbound structure.
  • Reconstruction of Mill Road (approximately 150’ east and west of the Mill Road structures). There will also be regrading of ditches and shaping shoulders associated with the work on Mill Road.
  • Minor drainage improvements, including replacement and possible addition of inlets near the structures.

This project will take place simultaneously with the rehabilitation and improvement project taking place along I-41 from Silver Spring Drive to Good Hope Road.

Traffic Impacts

The proposed traffic control is preliminary and subject to change. During construction, two lanes of traffic will be maintained in both northbound and southbound directions utilizing crossovers. The traffic control will be incorporated in the larger Silver Spring Dr to Good Hope Rd project traffic control. Mill Road will be closed and detoured during the duration of the structure work. Occasional short-term ramp closures may be needed upstream and downstream to accommodate traffic staging. Consecutive ramps along the corridor will not be closed at the same time.


Construction is currently scheduled for 2026, with preparation work in 2025, but could be advanced to 2025 with preparation work in 2024 depending on available funding.

Preparatory roadway work will take place in the year prior to the bridge replacements and involves shoulder repairs and construction of a temporary crossover. The following year, the northbound and southbound structures will be reconstructed.


Design phase - Do you have any comments or questions? We'd like to hear from you! Please feel free to contact the project representatives below.


Clayton Smith, P.E., Project Manager
(262) 548-6428

Dan Sellers, WisDOT Communications
(262) 548-6702