I-894 Noise Barriers - Milwaukee County

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is in the beginning phases of analyzing the potential installation of noise barriers along portions of I-894 in the city of Greenfield.

Noise Barrier Process:

At the start of certain projects, WisDOT determines noise impacts and evaluates possible mitigation measures, such as noise barriers.

After careful evaluation and a voting process, WisDOT installs noise barriers as part of certain projects to minimize noise impacts. Noise barriers determined to be financially reasonable and technically feasible must receive a vote of support from a simple majority of all votes cast by the adjacent landowners and residents of the most benefited areas.

Enclosed are frequently asked questions about noise barriers and their answers. This will help you understand WisDOT policy for installing noise barriers and how adjacent landowners and residents are involved.

Noise Barrier Brochure

Design Schedule:

Preliminary Design Plans          -Fall 2023
Public Involvement Phase 1​     ​-Late Fall 2023
Environmental Document        -Spring 2024
Public Involvement Phase 2     ​-Summer 2024
​Construction                        ​     -Summer 2025


Amanda Johansen – Design Project Manager
(262) 521-4465

Dan Sellers – Communications Manager
(262) 548-6702