Noise Wall Rehabilitations - Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties


The existing noise walls (13 in Milwaukee County and 1 in Waukesha County) are located along various segments of I-41 and I-43.


The project will complete repairs to 14 existing noise walls. Work includes spot painting, concrete surface repair, repair/replace broken panels, and replacing/adding brackets. No new noise walls will be added, and no existing noise walls will be replaced as part of the project. No new right of way or temporary easements will be needed to complete the work.

Project Purpose/Need

The purpose of the proposed project is to extend the service life of 14 deteriorating noise walls. Based on the most recent field inspection reports, the existing noise walls are experiencing various minor deficiencies, including rusting of posts, concrete spalling and cracked or shifted panels.

Traffic Impacts

Because of the wide-ranging scope of work, traffic impacts will be dependent upon the noise wall location. Longer term shoulder closures, overnight single-lane closures as well as overnight ramp closures may be needed. Traffic management alternatives such as off-peak/nighttime closures, off-peak/nighttime ramp closures, or a combination of approaches are being evaluated.

Access for residents, businesses, and emergency services will be coordinated and maintained throughout the duration of construction work. Flagging operations on local streets may occasionally be required.


Construction in currently scheduled for 2024.


Design Phase - Do you have any comments or questions? We'd like to hear from you! Please feel free to contact the project representatives below.


Amanda Johansen, WisDOT Southeast Region Project Manager
(262) 521-4465

Dan Sellers, WisDOT Communications
(262) 548-6702