WIS 60 (US 14 to Fox Road), Spring Green to Sauk City - Sauk County

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Project location

WIS 60 (US 14 to Fox Road), Spring Green to Sauk City - Sauk County

Project overview

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is in the process of developing plans for a proposed project on WIS 60 between Spring Green and Sauk City in Sauk County. The project limits are between US 14 and one-half mile east of Fox Road. The current proposal will mill and recycle five inches of the existing pavement. WisDOT will use this material to correct curve slopes (road curves where one side is higher or lower than the other side); these are currently substandard and in poor condition. A 3.5 inch asphalt pavement will be paved over the recycled base course (bottom layer). The new pavement typical section (road layout) will consist of twelve foot lanes, two foot paved shoulders, and two more feet of unpaved shoulder on each side. The project will also include guardrail replacements and pavement marking.


  • 2020 - Construction scheduled

Past (prior to today)

Traffic impacts/detours

WIS 60 is currently proposed to be built using flagging operations and temporary lane closures. However, a detour with through traffic restrictions may be necessary.



Contact information

Nathaniel Schumaker, P.E., WisDOT Project Leader
(608) 386-1334

Daniel Kleinertz, P.E., WisDOT Project Manager
(608) 789-5709

Michael Bie, WisDOT Southwest Region Communications Manager
(608) 246-7928

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