Improving transportation for non-drivers

Wisconsin Non-Drivers

Transportation is an essential need. It affects every aspect of our lives—including getting to work and accessing essential services. Non-drivers comprise a significant percentage of Wisconsin’s population, and many face challenges getting where they need to go. Non-driving populations can include aging adults, students, low-income individuals, those with physical, mental or intellectual/developmental disabilities, and those who prefer not to drive.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is committed to improving transportation mobility, safety, and access for non-drivers in Wisconsin. WisDOT formed the Wisconsin Non-Driver Advisory Committee (WiNDAC) in spring 2020 as an advisory forum to develop recommendations to improve transportation for non-drivers in Wisconsin.

Total Wisconsin Population5,806,975
Percent Driver
Percent Non-Driver31%

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, WisDOT Division of Motor Vehicles. Non-driver percentage includes those aged 0-15 and non-drivers of eligible driving age. For additional information, please see the methodology and assumptions document below.

Non-Driver ArcGIS Online Application

Non-drivers are located across the state, in every county—including both urban and rural areas. WisDOT developed and published the Non-Driver ArcGIS Online Application in early 2022 as a tool to assist with non-driver planning.

The Non-Driver Application produces estimates of non-drivers within Wisconsin cities, villages, towns, U.S. Census Tracts, and U.S. Census Block Groups. The Non-Driver Application is intended to assist state and regional planners, municipal officials, and mobility providers by increasing our understanding of where non-drivers are located in Wisconsin.

View the Non-Driver ArcGIS Online Application on WisDOT Maps, or select the image below:

statewide picture showing relative population of non-drivers in Wisconsin 

Application Resources

  • User Guide: A document that provides an overview of the basic functionalities of the Non-Driver ArcGIS Online Application.
  • Methodology and Assumptions: A document that contains information about the methodology used to arrive at the non-driver population estimates and assumptions made in generating the data.
  • Application Tutorial Video Series: A playlist of three brief videos that demonstrate key features of the Non-Driver ArcGIS Online Application.


  • Esri Accessibility Support: A link to accessibility and support resources developed by Esri: the creator of ArcGIS Online.
  • Adjusting Text and Map Size: A document with instructions for increasing or decreasing the size of the text and maps within the application.
  • To assist with difficulty accessing the Non-Driver ArcGIS Online Application via phone or email, go to technical support.

Non-Driver Resource Toolkit

The Non-Driver Resource Toolkit was developed in partnership with the Wisconsin Non-Driver Advisory Committee (WiNDAC) with the intent to contribute additional resources relating to efforts that impact Wisconsin’s non-driver population.

The Non-Driver Resource Toolkit includes:

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