Bicycle safety education

Children | Adults | Law enforcement

A wealth of bike safety courses tailored to suit diverse needs is available in Wisconsin.


Check out community bicycle rodeos, on-bicycle instruction through parks and recreation or school or other educational programs, Effective Cycling Instructors through the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin (BFW) and the League of American Bicyclists. Some schools offer Basics of Bicycling (BOB), a course developed by the Bicycle Federation of America. Contact Larry Corsi,, Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT).


Check with the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin for both beginner and advanced classes on cycling and driver education. Even experienced bicyclists and bicycle safety experts say they learn something in each of their classes. Contact for more information.

Law enforcement

Check out WisDOT's Enforcement for Bicycle Safety (EBS), approved by Wisconsin Department of Justice Training and Standards Board for 12 hours Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) officer's credit. Course and manual teach all aspects of bicycle safety, and which laws to emphasize with child and adult bicyclists and with motorists to reduce crashes by up to 90%. Officer awareness of what bicycling is today and how to begin bicycle crash cause identification are a part of this course. Officer as front line, on-traffic-duty educator is key. Contact Tina BonDurant,, WisDOT or Peter Flucke, WE BIKE® (920) 497-3196.

LEA's may also be interested in Policing By Bicycle training for officers. These courses do not emphasize citizen safety on bicycles, but do cover officer safety and health issues as well as all aspects of using a bicycle for the full range of policing duties. If LEA's are putting officers on bicycles for policing work, one of these courses should be considered for every such officer.

There are two certification programs:

  • IPMBA, International Police Mountain Bike Association, developed by the League of American Bicyclists. Wisconsin contacts include: Tom Sipin, West Allis Police Department; Dave Johnson, Oshkosh Police Department; and Peter Flucke, WE BIKE® (920) 497-3196.
  • LEBA, Law Enforcement Bicycle Association, developed by Paul Grady. Wisconsin contacts include: Sgt. Kurt Feavel, UW-Madison Police Department (608) 262-4520.