Echelon Interchange

WisDOT is considering the use of an Echelon Interchange at key locations across the state. This innovative interchange is designed to accommodate two high-volume streets.

Echelon Interchange 

An echelon introduces a bridge, splitting traffic into two levels, creating two separated intersections of one-way streets. Because there is no opposing traffic for left turns there is more green light time for all movements.

Advantages of this interchange type

  • Safety – Reduces ways vehicles can collide by almost half (14 compared to 32 for a conventional intersection).
  • Greater capacity and efficiency – Accommodates more traffic than conventional designs.

Navigating an Echelon

  • Drivers encounter intersection of two one-way streets.
  • On a green light, drivers may proceed left, straight or right with no opposing traffic.

WisDOT is committed to exploring all available options for safely and efficiently moving traffic. Using the latest engineering technology and techniques gives us more options than simply adding lanes. The economic benefits combined with improved safety and mobility will contribute to enhanced competitiveness and quality of life for businesses and communities. Where appropriate, we will incorporate these innovative designs into future interchanges.